What are Habitat’s needs?


That's an easy one - we will always need more people.  You already know that we heavily utilize both skilled and unskilled volunteers to help us build.  However, it may surprise you to learn that we actually expend 10 to 12 volunteer hours of other committee time in support of each hour of onsite building.  So non-construction volunteers will always be our most pressing need.

 Among other things, our committee volunteers help us find the families who are in need and then nurture them in home ownership responsibilities.  Volunteers design our homes and find our affordable building sites.  And they solicit the money and materials needed to build Habitat houses.  Speaking of fund-raising, our Habitat "ReStore" thrift shop in Alliance is generating yet another huge requirement for volunteers to collect materials and operate the store.  And not least, volunteers also help us to spread the word about our mission to the whole Pamlico community.

 We must continually try to involve local businesses, churches and temples, associations, foundations, social and civic organizations, campuses and alumni organizations as well as individuals who care.  While there are only 13,000 people in Pamlico County, we feel all of them have some effective way of partnering with us to eliminate poverty housing here.  All of these entities, and you too, can be a vehicle to resolve Pamlico’s affordable housing crisis.

 We invite you to come help us build hope.